Jungle Hardwood Two Way Pallet

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Jungle Wood Pallet (Hardwood Pallet) We are manufacturer and supplier of all exclusive range of Jungle Wood Pallets.

Jungle Wood Pallets are mainly used in various industries for warehousing like racking system and storage purpose, i.e. drum storage or corrugated storage etc.Also Jungle wood pallet used for transportations.

We are manufacturing and providing high grade jungle wood pallets.

Types of Jungle Wood Pallet:

1. Two way jungle wood pallet (Mostly Used)
2. Four way jungle wood pallet

Jungle wood pallet are strong and heavy duty pallet that can be customizable as per customer requirement to any load bearing capacity.

Jungle wood pallet load bearing capacity: – Approx. 1 Tan to 3 Tan. These pallet are chemically treated to protect wood from damage caused by insects, moisture etc. after that we also treated with the Heat Treatment and Fumigation Treatment for more durability.

Commercial Jungle Wood Pallet

Drum Palletization Jungle Wood Pallet

Jungle Wood Two Way Pallet

Two Way Jungle Wood Pallet

Domestic Hard Wood Pallet

Chemical Treated Jungle Wood Pallet

Jungle wood pallets, This we can use for domestic transportation or storage purpose, We can’t export jungle wood pallet to other countries just because there Govt. not allowing “Jungle Wood Pallet” but some time customer exporting this pallet after treated with Fumigation and Heat Treatment with Stamping and Certification as own risk But as per govt. norms we can’t export these pallets, ”We also suggesting the same” because these pallet are basically used for warehousing and stacking purpose.

If you want to export your Goods, we can suggest you to go for pine wood pallets i.e. very light weighted and more durable as compare with jungle wood pallet”.

1. Durable
2. Versatile
3. Sustainable
4. Affordable
5. Customizable