Container Lashing And Choking

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Container Lashing And Choking:

"Lashing" and "choking" are two techniques used in cargo securing to ensure that goods are properly secured and stable within a container or on a transportation vessel. These techniques are essential to prevent cargo shifting, damage, or accidents during transportation.

1. Lashing: Lashing refers to the process of securing cargo using various types of packing materials, such as lashing belts, ropes, straps, or chains. The lashings are strategically placed around the cargo and fastened to secure points within the container or vessel, creating tension to hold the cargo in place.

2. Choking: Choking, also known as blocking, involves placing additional securing
elements, such as wooden blocks or braces. Choking helps prevent the cargo from
shifting or moving sideways. The blocks or braces are positioned tightly against the
cargo and the container walls to stable the cargo and minimize any potential movement.

Container Lashing And Choking

Lashing And Choking

40 Feet Container Lashing Choking

Wooden Box Lashing And Choking

Plywood Box Lashing Choking

Industrial Machine Lashing Choking

Flat Truck Lashing And Choking

Container Lashing

40 Feet Container Choking

Lashing And Choking

Heavy Duty Lashing Choking

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To furnish the various requirements of our clients, we are providing any type of Container Lashing and Choking Services under the direction of skilled executives.

Container lashing(Belt) and choking(Wood) services are highly in demand.

As well, these should be provided as per the various desires of our customers so as to accomplish their credibility and trust. These should also be availed from us at less expensive rates. We are serving Export container lashing equipment with Polyester Belt, 35mm Nylon Belts, 32 mm Forge Buckle,35mm frame buckles and Breaking strengths is 3 tans. We offer cargo lashing work as per the client's requirements within the requested period. Also, we are offering container lashing and choking services at very reasonable rates.

Various types of container lashing and choking

1. 40 Feet Container Lashing and Choking
2. 20 Feet Container Lashing and Choking
3. Open Top Container Lashing and Choking
4. Flat Track Container Lashing and Choking
5. Palletized Cargo Lashing and Choking
6. Wooden Crate Lashing and Choking
7. Wooden Box Lashing and Choking
8. Heavy Duty Industrial Lashing and Choking