Packing Material

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Packing Material

If you are searching for low-cost and eco-friendly packing material for your next transportation,
Wooden Packaging Materials may also be the right option. Not only are they less expensive than
different packing materials, but they’re additionally sustainable because they can be reused and

1. Wooden packing is a natural and sustainable material that can be reusable.
2. Wooden packing is strong and durable, making it a good choice for shipping industrial products.
3. Wooden packing is comfortable to handle.

Type of wood packing:

1. Pine Wood for Boxes / Pallets / Crates
2. Rubber Wood for Boxes / Crates
3. Jungle Wood for Pallets, Etc…

We are providing all types of packing materials i.e stretch film, HDPE tarpaulin, VCI packing, HDPE  tape, etc…

Stretch Film

Container Air Bag Packaging


Corrugated L corner

Screw Nails

Silka Gel

Bubble Roll

Corrugated Roll

Foam Packing

Air Bag

Cargo Lashing Belt


Here are the most common types:

1. VCI Packing (Anti Corrosion VCI Packing)
2. Aluminum Foil Vacuum Packing
3. Bubble wrap
4. Stretch Wrap Rolls
5. Steel Straps
6. Dunnage Air Bags (Container Air Bag Packaging)
7. Corrugated L corner
8. Screw Nails
9. Silka Gel
10. Corrugated Roll
11. HDPE Tape
12. Cargo Lashing Belt
13. HDPE Tarpaulin, etc.
14. Packing List Cover
15. Lashing Belt, and many more.